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Breanna finds that she is in jail nothing can stop her from doing it again! Determined to punish her! Breanna is easily embarrassed and still needs help coming on as a slut. This year's favorite new wrestler, and now she must pay the price! But after a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Breanna was able to take out all of her giant cock in his ass while tied up and gagged badly, right outside in the stable.

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Charlotte is brand new to BDSM, absolute fresh meat! She's never been tied up or dominated...and certainly never had to do as she's told, she comes to Chantas Bitches with attitude but that's nothing some tight rope and a few screaming orgasms won't fix. Later she is fucked hard with Chanta's cock before being led to the wash basin for cleaning, all of the dirt and cum better be scrubbed off for next time.

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This babe looks unbelievably hot in her latex mini dress. Skye decides the only way to get through to her is by an extremely humiliating experience. She likes to punish the lewd chick and he wildly trashes that white soft meat with his energetic hand! Skye has been running around town with some really bad gals.

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A sexy chick with a totally sexy voice, Lotus has fantasized about restraint and confinement as long as she can remember. PD starts with a takedown scene, wrangling Lotus into a calf-tie. He fucks her hard then uses a dildo for breathplay. Tied in an oyster and suspended, she comes again, without permission. Afterwards, shes giggly and coy smelling like girl.

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Allyson starts her off with some delightful ice play in the next scene. She needs to learn, and developed the week's goals with her help. We have something far more intense in mind.

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In China, they used to (and in some places still do) punish thieves by locking them in a upright contraption that looks like a wooden neck stock on four long stilts, like a tiny table with a hole in it sitting on six foot long legs.

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