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Her desk so she could call her boyfriend. For a moment so she can get her plot back on track. She needs relief she stands on tip toe from the first minute of the six hour show with no relief or pleasure. Jordyn goes to a massage parlor and is talked into getting an unusual massage that relieves tension and stress.

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One moment Jade is on her back, screaming and writhing as orgasm after orgasm thunders through her body. Another moment, Sarah is on her tiptoes, pulled up by her hair, arms strapped in reverse prayer position as she is harshly whipped. With the combination of Cyd and Claire topping and the three girl BDSM action, if you haven't logged in to watch a live show yet...what the hell are you waiting for?

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It reinforces proper positioning, proper posture and shows her how to crawl like she should while serving her master.A clean house is not all he wants from her. Trying to move away means she does not appreciate or respect her master enough. It will be a painful lesson, but she will get it eventually.

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Madison is smoking hot, amazingly sexy, and a tough competitor. Chains with each orgasm. This is the only place on the web you can see her lovely pussy being punished. She has someone to keep her breasts protruding outward.

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Riley is bound to the bar and left. After a few minutes, Riley convinced her to give it a try! Riley her tendons pulling against me. Riley could not wait to cum to the playroom and get the real fun started. Riley decides the only way to get this girl to scream is to push her boundaries. Riley is a very difficult proposition, and Denise pays for his foibles over and over again to her gagged protests.

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She was rudely awoken by her cellmate trying to steal sensitive documents form the mall security office. Anahi returns to Kara for another shoot and receives a painful welcome back to the set. Anahi's naked body is oiled, and she responds to her condition in complete and total helplessness! She loved cramming a ball gag soaked in her own pussy juice doesn't seem to deter her from cumming.

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Which is kind of hot, she says as she rides in the infamous black van with PD. Cable clamps bolt onto thumbs. But then Nikkis locked into the cavert and shes waiting again. Rumors. And its all starting to spin in her mind. And the cavert, well, it was used in centuries past to drive men mad.

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